Map and Multi GPS Software with Controls and Displays

Master Navigator Software (MNS) is a fast zooming and rotating moving computer map with instruments on it. It can also display meters and control devices. MNS is suitable for mobile applications in most vehicles everywhere on the Earth.

Navigate now using any maps available (since you can scan them using an ordinary scanner). MNS allows you to plan your routes, record your tracks and manage your (scanned) maps.

Typically you need only to add a single GPS receiver to your standard Windows PC laptop computer and you have a state of the art navigation system.

Additionally you can for example follow external moving objects by adding more GPS receivers.

Typical car application: moving map with instruments and controls.

In the latest version you have for example clocks available for all time zones in the Controls & Displays section. Usable when traveling over time zones.

Currently with 20 Banks of Vehicle Controls [max 320 items].