Suitable Computers

MNS works in most Windows ../10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP environments.

Picture: Typical mobile laptop application

If you plan to use the system outdoors, make sure that the computer platform is rugged enough (for example low temperatures).

One problem with laptops is the available battery power. You will mostly need some method to get power out of the vehicle's batteries to increase the operating time of the laptop using some kind of power supply adapters.

Most laptops can be used outdoors, but there are also problems such as overheating, unreadable screens in the sun shine or the ability to handle vibrations.

Duplicated Hardware

If the system is your lifeline, use the best hardware available. And if possible duplicate it all using different manufacturers for the components. Make sure that there will not be any loose connectors due to vibrations.

Here are some example hardware links, the Panasonic ToughBooks and GE Magic1. Here is a video about GE Magic1. Remember also that for example any typical desktop computer can run MNS.

GE Magic1 Standard Windows Display Computer

The 3U VPX MAGIC1 Rugged Display Computer combines Intel® Core i7 CPU technology with NVIDIA®'s EXK107 GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) to deliver unprecedented levels of performance for rugged applications. When deployed as a Display Computer, the MAGIC1 supports the industry’s most demanding video and image applications, taking advantage of the significant processing power available from GPGPU (General Purpose computing on Graphics Processing Units) computing.