Car Screen Shots

Press the picture to get a larger view of the screen.

A typical street map. At the left there is the speed meter. At the bottom there is the direction (true degrees). At the right there is the altitude above ellipsoid. Track is on and the range forward is about 500m (the range circle). Zooming is fast and stepless (using mouse wheel).

Three trip meters available. All automatic.

Car position is in the middle of the map. Map will move and turn continuously when the car is moving. New maps are automatically swapped when entering new areas. This helps to find places. Maps can be easy zoomed larger or smaller with one finger roll.

Special size screens can be roof mounted due to aspect ratio setting possibility (normal screen is 4/3 [width/height]). (In this picture the aspect ratio is not corrected to show the shrinking, which will occur if the correction is not applied).