What is New?

20 Banks of Controls and Displays: Each can hold up to 16 items. All together up to 320 items. Now all in and out control features supported.

Configurable Keyboard: Now the MNS keyboard can be fully reprogrammed by the user. Helps to handle different type keyboards and environments.

Global Datums Database: Possibility to have a single datums database.

Time Displays and Time Zones: Now full support for different world time zones (IANA) not just the Windows default local time zone. You can have any number of time zone clocks (analog or digital) running simultaneously. Helps for example when traveling over time zone borders.

Fast Sensors: Better support for fast sensors (> 15 samples/s).

External Sensor Simulator: An additional sensor simulator to the standard internal route simulator.

Special Versions: We do make custom versions of MNS to suit any specific customer requirements.

Remote Sensor over (Inter)net: For example three MNS computers can share the same GPS sensors and in case of failure of one computer or GPS sensor the remaining two computers could continue working using remaining sensors.

ARINC 426, MIL-STD-1553, NMEA 2000 and several other systems can be connected using bridge devices. This makes it possible to use the vehicle's own internal GPS and other sensors to generate information to MNS.

Flipped Monitors: Rotated monitors are automatically detected and MNS adjusts the screen lay out to also support narrow views. Several applications prefer to use flipped monitors since that gives more space horizontally. Check if your graphics driver allows the monitor to be flipped (for example the low cost Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family drivers allow the monitor to be flipped).

External Moving Objects: (Extmos), now you can use additional outside GPS sensors to generate moving objects. You not only see where you are but where your friends, enemies, objects, etc. are relative to you in real time. You can follow them, they can follow you, you can avoid some objects, etc. Possibilities are almost unlimited.

Emergency Button and Guidance: E button (Emergency), one press of the E button will direct you to the nearest point in the E list (actually 5 nearest) depending on the current vehicle position. E list can be freely chosen. It can be the nearest McDonalds, airport, hospital, etc.

Atomic PC Clock via Satellites The program will keep your PC on "atomic" time. The PC clock is updated from the GPS or GNSS satellites.